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Mike Francesa dropped an interesting nugget on a recent edition of his BetRivers podcast.

The WFAN legend revealed he was working on a book project prior to the pandemic while answering a listener email about whether he will ever write a memoir. Francesa met with publishers and produced a “treatment” that was well-received. But Francesa got away from the process and it’s “unlikely” he resumes it.

“I have no plans,” he said. “A lot of times people write the books because they’re bored or they need the money. Thankfully I don’t. I’m not bored and I don’t need the money right now. Hopefully I never do, knock on wood.”

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Francesa did say if he ever writes a book, he will not go the “Ball Four” route and deliver a salacious tome.

“I wouldn’t do a tell-all,” he said. “I don’t like the feel of that. Do I know a lot of stories? Yes. Have I seen a lot of things? Yes. But you know what? I’m not going to turn around and tell those stories. Because they want you to tell juicy stories, or tell stories that make people look bad or controversial or has some sizzle. And I’m not into doing that. I’ve had a wonderful career. I’ve been able to do so much and been so fortunate. I’m not going to do that.”

That is an admirable stance by Francesa. We would argue, though, he could produce a wildly-successful book without compromising his beliefs.

Would we love to go behind the scenes with Bill Parcells’ Giants or be regaled with tales of debauchery with the Musberger Mafia? Of course. Would Francesa’s no-holds-barred account of his relationship with Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo dominate a few news cycles locally? No doubt. But there would be just as much demand for Francesa to discuss the egg roll incident, the FS1 debacle and other harmless-but-captivating subjects. Or to just opine on New York sports and his experiences. It’s too bad a Francesa book won’t happen. It would be a fun read.

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