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Golden Tate and Jalen Ramsey commenced a brawl between the New York Giants and Los Angeles Rams after Sunday’s matchup.

“Nobody wins when the family feuds.”

The wise words of Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter speak volumes, but regardless of the truth behind that statement, Golden Tate and Jalen Ramsey still put their family-related differences into their own hands (or fists) on Sunday.

After the New York Giantsloss to the Rams, Tate and Ramsey met in the middle of the field before exchanging punches. The beef stems from Ramsey breaking off a relationship with Tate’s sister, Breanna, last summer while she was pregnant with his child.

While those outside the stadium didn’t see much of what had occurred — FOX didn’t do such a great job broadcasting it — the fight still initiated headlines. Nonetheless, drama didn’t resurface in Tate’s initial comments since the altercation.

When asked about the event on Thursday, the veteran receiver was more focused on the future instead of this past weekend.

“I don’t even want to backpedal and discuss that because I don’t think going back there is going to help us this week,” Tate said, per Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “I really don’t want to draw any more attention or put any more highlights out there that don’t have anything to do with Dallas.”

“My sister and I talked about it in detail, but that was it,” he added. “I want to move forward to this week because that’s what’s important.”

Tate at least portrayed some emotion when answering one of the other questions related to the incident though. He ultimately laughed about how he had his helmet on after Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News noted he didn’t have any bruises on his face, which must’ve meant he won.

But when asked if there are regrets related to the situation, Tate wished to move on, responding “next question” to reporters.

The league has yet to discipline either individual, and it remains unclear whether it’ll do so.

Tate seems to be paying no mind to the rearview mirror ahead of a big in-division game against the Dallas Cowboys. Despite the fact that the Giants are last in the division at 0-4, one win could really shake things up in the putrid NFC East. The Eagles are in first place at 1-2-1.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.