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New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones’ late interception sealed the deal for the Rams. Big Blue moves to 0-4 on the year.

It seems each week, New York Giants fans ponder over whether the next game will be when Daniel Jones‘ turnover woes come to a much-needed conclusion. They thought the 2020 campaign was going to be a completely different story than the 2019 season, a year comprising of 12 picks and 11 lost fumbles for the young quarterback.

The first three weeks came and gone, with Jones totaling six turnovers throughout the trio of matchups. Some then began to question if the turnover woes that haunt the second-year player would ever find their way to the exit.

Then, this past Sunday arrived, and a late-game mistake further fueled the aforementioned topic of conversation.

With the game on the line and the Giants down 17-9, Jones looked like vintage Eli Manning, taking his team down the field en route to a hopeful end zone visit in crunch time. That’s, until, he looked like 2010 and 2013 Eli Manning, throwing a pick near the goal line and ending all hopes for the Giants to notch an improbable road victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

All game prior to that very moment, Jones hadn’t turned the ball over, yet did fumble early in the defeat. Nonetheless, it looked as if the 23-year-old was ultimately making some sort of progress in taking care of the football…until the interception halted that belief.

In comparison to just two touchdown passes (the pair of scores to Darius Slayton back in Week 1), Jones has now turned the ball over a total of seven times in four games and is on pace to do so 28 times by year’s end, which would surpass last season’s mark of 23.

I understand the offensive line isn’t fantastic, and I additionally get that he doesn’t have a plethora of reliable weapons to really assist him. But there comes a point in time where the turnovers must end, and right now, it doesn’t seem like the conclusion is in the near future.

It isn’t just the turnovers either. The overall play from Jones the last couple of weeks has raised some eyebrows, and not in a positive way.

He completed 23 of his 36 throws for just 190 yards and zero touchdowns on Sunday, the latter-most statistic becoming reality for the third straight week. In the Week 3 loss to the 49ers, Jones completed just 17 of his 32 throws for 179 yards.

The numbers aren’t great whatsoever, and the most important statistic — the record — isn’t pleasing either.

Jones and the Giants are now 0-4, sitting at the bottom of a putrid NFC East division that doesn’t even deserve a winner at this point. It’s the first time the team has started this horrific since the 2017 campaign, a season in which Big Blue commenced the year with five consecutive losses.

And when you look at the schedule, it’s a difficult task deciphering where the wins will even come from. Dallas or Philly? Despite the struggles in and around those two ballclubs, I still don’t see the Giants notching victories over them. Tampa Bay? No shot. Seattle? Nope. Cincinnati? Right now, I truly don’t think so.

Maybe one of the two games against Washington, but that’s it. That may be the only victory.

If Jones and this Giants offense can’t find a rhythm, the losing will continue, the impatience among the fanbase will grow, and Jones’ on-field reputation will falter.

No, it wasn’t a blowout loss on Sunday, which was definitely surprising. The defense really came together against a Rams offensive unit that many thought was going to torch the Giants for 60 minutes. Yet, for the second straight week, the Giants couldn’t find the end zone, relying on the leg of Graham Gano to acquire them nine points.

This Giants offense hasn’t done much, and neither has its young signal-caller. Things need to change quickly, or else many will begin to question Jones’ true ability to lead this team.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.