Craig Carton

WFAN is considering a reunion with Craig Carton despite reported interest from 97.5, The Fanatic in Philadelphia.

Remember Craig Carton? Who could forget the disgraced WFAN radio host who was sentenced to 3.5 years for a ticket-fraud scheme?

Well, it sounds like WFAN is gearing up to make an offer to Carton in the near future per Andrew Marchand of the New York Post:

“WFAN, according to sources, is methodically going through the process as it builds toward making Carton an offer. It has not made one yet, but at this point one is expected in the relatively near future.”

As I’ve written before, a reunion with Carton would be awkward, to say the least. From Marchand’s reporting, it doesn’t sound like Carton would be returning to his old job with Boomer Esiason in the mornings. Gregg Giannotti is firmly entrenched in his role and it’s much more likely that Carton would take over afternoon drive. WFAN would need to do some shuffling to make that happen, but it’s certainly a possibility.

Marchand also notes that Carton is receiving interest from a sports station in Philadelphia. This could be jockeying on the part of an agent, but it’s worth noting nonetheless.

“Besides FAN, according to sources, Carton has received serious interest to do mornings from a top Philadelphia all-sports station, 97.5, The Fanatic. FAN remains the clear favorite,” wrote Marchand.

Here’s what ESNY’s colleagues over at Crossing Broad in Philly are saying. Kevin Kinkead writes:

“Huh, well that would be interesting. Seems unlikely though. Craig Carton would very easily come with a six-figure price tag, and Beasley isn’t exactly swimming in cash right now. The company recently extended wage and salary cuts through the end of the year and parted ways with some talent at their various stations within the Philadelphia cluster. To then go ahead and pay big money to a guy coming out of prison I cannot imagine would be received well from an internal and/or optics standpoint.”

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