Jamal Adams
Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

In a social media rant about his contract dispute with the New York Jets, Jamal Adams tells one fan that it might be “time to move on.”

Jamal Adams ain’t happy.

New York Jets fans know that the All-Pro safety is looking for a big payday this offseason. Unfortunately for Adams, the Jets seem content to wait until next offseason to give Adams the massive extension he wants. Adams has very little leverage right now, but he’s trying to flex some of the leverage he does have on social media.

In response to a comment about reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes not signing an extension, Adams defended himself.

“What does Pat have to do with me? Pat is about to get 40 to 60 M’s a year,” Adams wrote. “Well deserved. That’s my guy. But don’t compare me to QB’s if you aren’t paying me QB money. Shit, if I was about to get 40 plus u wouldn’t hear a damn word from me. Lol fr fr. Don’t use the pandemic excuse. (Christian McCaffrey) got paid not too long ago. Well deserved. Great friend of mine. You’re lost my guy. Ima protect myself just like an organization will look out for themselves at the end of the day. If you guys don’t respect that, cool.

“It’s all luv. Maybe it’s time to move on!”

Make no mistake about it, Jamal Adams is the best safety in the NFL and he’s one of the most feared defenders in the entire league. He’s going to sign for a boatload of money sooner or later, but again, he has no leverage in this situation.

Clearly, he’s a guy who feels comfortable expressing his honest opinions on social media. Right now, that’s really the only way he’s able to get his point across. Perhaps his continued antics on social media will be enough to force the Jets into a trade, but only time will tell.

The Dallas Cowboys were rumored to be interested in the hometown kid around the trade deadline last season, but nothing came to fruition. It’s tough to see Dallas going all-in for a guy who wants to be the highest-paid safety in the NFL while they are trying to work out Dak Prescott’s extension. Nothing seems to be there right now.

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