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New York Jets head coach Adam Gase knows that he hasn’t had the season ownership was hoping for and he isn’t happy about it.

The New York Jets season has been a disaster on the level of a raging tire fire. The team is 1-7, coming off a loss to a Miami Dolphins team that has shown little to no interest in winning games, and Sam Darnold has regressed after a strong finish to 2018.

The disaster of a season has led to fans justifiably demanding changes, starting with head coach Adam Gase. Gase spoke to the media and, per Kristian Dyer of Sports Illustrated, knows that he has not had the season that Christopher Johnson had hoped for.

Gase was asked about the visible frustration on the face of CEO Christopher Johnson, and he had this to say:

“For me, when we lose a game I feel like I let him down and having not got us to where I was hoping we’d be at – at this point. He understands that he is going to get everything I have day in and day out to try to work things out of where we are at right now and keep fighting and trying to find a way to win games.”

It’s great that Gase is unhappy with losing, and nobody doubts that he’s doing everything he can to get it fixed. The issue is that things are going in the opposite direction of fixed. Darnold, who has shown incredible resiliency throughout his young career, looks completely shell shocked.

An offensive line that, on paper, is as good if not better than last year’s unit can’t seem to block anybody. While that might not be entirely Gase’s fault when an entire unit plays worse without significant downgrades in talent, the scheme needs to be looked at as an issue.

Gase, who has not had an offense finish top 20 in yards or top 15 in points since leaving Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, remains positive that his team can turn it around and be competitive across the final half of the season.

“These guys are working hard to really turn things around, and that’s the number one thing for us is those guys really nailing down, focusing on getting better every day, not worrying about what happened the week before, improve from the week before, correcting mistakes that we make, but move on. I think they’ve done a good job putting the practices together, we just have to do a better job on game day.”

Gase better hope they do, because with a second-half as bad as the first, Johnson might decide to move on from his coach after one year.

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