Daniel Jones
AP Photo/Adam Hunger

New York Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones is embracing the developmental process and knows he’s improving. 

On Tuesday, New York Giants head coach Pat Shurmur opened the door to a quarterback position battle. Shurmur said that the “best” quarterback will play, regardless if that’s Eli Manning or Daniel Jones.

Many believed Manning would get the starting job with Jones learning behind him on the bench. Now, people aren’t so sure who will get the nod come Week 1.

However, Jones isn’t thinking about whether or not he’ll end up being the starter. He’s simply working on his craft and doing what he can to improve as a professional quarterback.

“I think I made a considerable amount of progress since I have gotten here. I should have. That is the way it is supposed to go,” Jones said this week, per Dan Benton of Giants Wire. “I still have a considerable amount to do, but I am making progress every day and where I am is certainly better than where I started.

“I think in this offseason, all of our focus is on just improving and being better than the day before,” Jones said. “That is certainly my mindset. We are all trying to put ourselves in a position to succeed. My focus right now is to be better than the day I was before.”

Jones also took it upon himself to sort of narrate coach Shurmur’s comments from Tuesday. Shurmur made it clear that both Manning and Jones will be ready to play.

“I think all of our guys, when we go out to practice, we want to get ready to play,” the rookie stated. “Everyone on the team’s goal is to be ready to play. If they are asked to play, to be ready to play. You know, I have a lot to learn. Coming in here, it has been a good offseason so far. I just have to keep taking the steps I am taking. The next step is training camp.”

When he was drafted, Giants general manager Dave Gettleman mentioned that Jones could possibly sit for more than just the 2019 season.

Evidently, the organization eventually wants to put Jones and the team in the best position possible to win.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.