Eli Manning, Daniel Jones
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New York Giants head coach Pat Shurmur makes it clear that the “best” quarterback will play, whether that’s Eli Manning or Daniel Jones.

Well, looks like Eli Manning isn’t the “set in stone” day one starter after all for the New York Giants after Pat Shurmur‘s comments on Tuesday.

Many thought Manning would start for the year, with rookie quarterback Daniel Jones sitting and learning behind him. Giants general manager Dave Gettleman even hinted at Jones sitting for multiple years back in April when they drafted him.

But now, Shurmur has opened the door for a position battle at the quarterback position. The second-year coach for the Giants makes it clear that they’ll be playing the “best quarterback.”

According to Shurmur, Jones is “on track” to play day one. Yes, day one against the division rival-Dallas Cowboys.  In Dallas as a matter of fact.

Listen, I understand Jones has impressed in offseason workouts thus far. He’s learning the position behind Manning and he’s developing as a professional quarterback as the days go on.

However, the Giants need to keep Jones on the bench for the start of the season, if not the entire season. He and the organization will benefit much more if he takes this time to sit and learn behind Manning.

He’s not going to perform as well on the field if he gets thrown in there immediately. Right now, Manning still puts the Giants in the best position to win games. It’s that simple. Jones can wait until the 2020 season to get the nod to start.

That’s not to say Jones won’t be able to get some reps this season. If the Giants are winning big in a game this season, then yes, throw Jones in there and see what he can do. Big Blue did the same last season with quarterback Kyle Lauletta against the Washington Redskins. He didn’t complete a pass and threw an interception in the process, but Jones isn’t Lauletta.

Jones is the future of the organization and they must be patient with him. This sounds like Shurmur is opening the door for a quarterback competition, but the season is still a long way off.

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Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.