Dave Gettleman
(AP Photo / Michael Conroy)

New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman might be pivoting to the “Green Bay model” after drafting Daniel Jones.

Following the head-scratching selection of Daniel Jones with the sixth pick in the NFL draft, New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman is now talking about using the “Green Bay model.” For a while, Gettleman was hot for the “Kansas City model” that developed Patrick Mahomes into an MVP in his second year in the league.

This is really just a bizarre situation. The Giants are committing to Eli Manning, but they haven’t put a winning team around him. Gettleman traded away his best player—Odell Beckham Jr. and the defense is still in disarray without an EDGE rusher.

It’s hard to see the Giants competing to make the playoffs this year with the strength in the division. The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles should battle for the NFC East crown, while the Washington Redskins are quietly improving.

If the Giants don’t compete for the playoffs, what’s the point in keeping Jones off of the field and investing two, maybe three more years into Manning?

Of course, all the criticism being hurled at Gettleman goes away if Jones ends up developing into a good starting quarterback, let alone an elite one. Even if that takes a year or two, the main goal is to develop Jones into that elite, Super Bowl-winning quarterback. However, Gettleman’s future with the organization rests on Jones’ shoulders.

Friday and Saturday will be pivotal days for Gettleman and the Giants. It’s imperative that the embattled GM adds some readymade players if they truly hope to compete with Manning at the helm in 2019.

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