New York Knicks
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The New York Knicks fan who sold his fandom on eBay is switching allegiances to the Lakers and as we all assumed, he’s a complete fraud.

The point of claiming diehard fandom is sticking with your team through the good times and, more importantly, the bad. New York Knicks fans know this as well as any fanbase. Knicks fans are a different breed. Passionate, vocal, and most of all, loyal.

But not all Knicks fans are created equal. Last week, one diehard fan posted his fandom on eBay and pledged to switch his allegiances because he simply could not take the heartbreak any longer. The winning bidder chose LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers for this former “diehard” Knicks fan.

Lucky him.

As it turns out, this Knicks/Lakers “fan” is a complete and total fraud. This fan isn’t renouncing his Knicks fandom. He might only be taking a break as he told Yaron Weitzman of Bleacher Report.

“[The post] didn’t clarify how long, I don’t know about the long-term feasibility. For at least two years I’m officially off the bandwagon, I’m going to whatever team I get assigned to and when that team plays the Knicks I’ll be booing the Knicks and rooting for the other team.”

This is some galaxy brain equivocating right here. Jumping onto the Lakers bandwagon for a couple years, while leaving the option open to return to the Knicks if and when they are good again is some weak thinking. If you’re going to make a big show of denouncing the Knicks, at least go through with it, you fraud! You made your bed, now lie in it.

You might as well just say that this entire stunt was so that you could tweet at different sports media personalities begging to have them let you on their show. In terms of trolling for attention, I guess you succeeded because I’m writing about this stupid story right now. But I don’t think I would ever want to be known as that idiot who posted his “fandom” on eBay. To each his own, I guess.

And for what it’s worth, I couldn’t care less about people jumping on bandwagons or changing teams. More power to you. Who am I to tell someone how to enjoy sports? But clearly, this jabroni did this for the sole purpose of getting attention. I hope your 15 minutes were fun because everyone knows you’re a complete fraud.

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