#5: Play The Whistle

In a January game at Madison Square Garden, Manu Ginobili attempts to throw a lob inside to LaMarcus Aldridge. In a stroke of luck, Ginobili’s pass finds the basket rather than Aldridge’s hands. The play caught almost everyone in the building off guard. And then chaos ensues.

Beasley grabbed the “rebound” and proceeded to start the fast break, despite the fact that Manu hit the shot. The referees continue to let the play go on without awarding the basket to the Spurs. Eventually, the referees stop the game and award San Antonio three points, but the utter confusion of the situation is classic Beasley.

Play the whistle. This is something that Beasley could probably get away with if he was at the park. It’s unfortunate that the referees had to step in and make the right call.

#4: Jan. 9, 1989

What significance does January 9th, 1989 have on Michael Beasley’s 2017-18 season with the Knicks? Well, that is the date that Beasley was born. And apparently, that’s the day that he knew he had the hot hand. In a way that only he could, Beasley delivered one of the most confident quotes you’ll ever hear.

After a game in November, Beasley was asked when he knew he had the hot hand. His reply was simple: “January 9th, 1989.” He’s been feeling the hot hand since birth. Knicks fans ran wild with this quote, and rightfully so. Twitter bios filled with variations of this gem.

The game against Boston that led to this quote was anything but a bad moment for Beasley, but more on that later.

#3: Spoiling Carmelo's Return

Carmelo Anthony’s return to Madison Square Garden took over New York on one Saturday night in December. The smattering of boos amongst the raucous cheers of the Melo faithful was clearly the story of the night.

Well, until Michael Beasley seized the spotlight from the former franchise player. On another night where Porzingis was sidelined with nagging injuries and Tim Hardaway Jr. was out as well, Beasley stepped in without missing a beat. The swingman pocketed his second 30 point performance of the season and effectively ruined Anthony’s homecoming.

These types of offensive explosions brought a palpable energy to the Garden. The place was buzzing when Beasley was cooking. Although Beasley’s inconsistent play reared its ugly head at times, he was always one bucket away from popping off like he did against Carmelo Anthony and the Thunder.

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