Michael Beasley Knicks
Robby Sabo, ESNY Graphic, Getty Images

Michael Beasley’s time with the New York Knicks was fleeting, yet memorable. His infectious personality produced unforgettable moments.

The Walking Bucket only spent one season with the New York Knicks, but Michael Beasley quickly became a fan favorite. The swingman is supremely talented on offense, making the lefty an exciting player to watch.

But his youthful exuberance off the court and laidback nature endeared Beasley to the New York fanbase. The man is unpredictable at every turn.

The former second overall pick needed to prove to the rest of the NBA that he could still perform at a high level—and do it without rocking the boat. Beasley did that and more. Although his off the court persona could sometimes overshadow his on the court play, Beasley turned in a few memorable moments during the 2017-18 season.

He averaged 13.2 points and 5.6 rebounds per game. Not only did he score, he did it efficiently. He shot just over 50 percent from the field and just under 40 percent from deep. His brief layover in New York helped him secure a one year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers for next season.

But before Beasley begins his tenure with the Lakers, let’s reflect on all the great moments he provided to New York.

Honorable Mentions

There is a lot to choose from here. Beasley is a quote machine and he’s always dropping awesome sound bites. In one clip just prior to the season, Beasley snuck three incredible quotes into a two-minute span. First, he mentions that he likes passing because scoring is too easy for him. Next, he likened himself to Carmelo Anthony, just on the left side of the court. Beasley caps off this masterpiece by declaring himself “your favorite player’s favorite player.” Amazing.

On the court, Beasley backed up his talk. On Nov. 25, the Knicks faced off with the formidable Rockets without a banged-up Kristaps Porzingis. Beasley had yet to garner a consistent role in the rotation, but on that night Jeff Hornacek needed scoring. Beasley provided just that.

The lefty dropped 30 points, 18 of which came in a scintillating first quarter performance. He added eight rebounds and had the Knicks challenging the star-laden Rockets in the first half. Unfortunately, Beasley and the Knicks couldn’t keep pace and received a drubbing in the third quarter. The Knicks lost in embarrassing fashion, but the Walking Bucket put the world on notice.

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