Don La Greca went off on a rant about WFAN’s Mike Francesa finishing ahead of The Michael Kay Show in the most recent ratings.

Don La Greca really sounds like a guy who doesn’t care. Usually, when you don’t care about something, it’s best to yell and scream about it during a rant. But you only do it to show everyone how little you care. La Greca definitely doesn’t care that Mike Francesa has made his return to the airwaves to take back the number one spot in the ratings.

I do like Don La Greca a lot and his rants are usually pretty good, but this one isn’t the best look. It really didn’t take long for Francesa to crawl back under the skin of the guys on The Michael Kay Show over on ESPN Radio. After taking a long vacation and then unceremoniously returning to WFAN, it’s almost like the big guy never left.

He’s back to number one in the ratings and it’s almost as if everyone forgot about his retirement fiasco. And maybe best of all, he’s still got the perfect responses anytime someone on another station finds the time to rant about him. He always just casually brushes it off as if he doesn’t even have time to think about any of his competitors.

That’s a better response than any insult he could hurl. La Greca’s blood is boiling and conversely, Francesa couldn’t even give the ESPN guys the time of day.

Francesa really is one of a kind and although it’s clear that he didn’t have the national appeal that he thought he did, he’s woven into the fabric of New York sports. As long as he wants to be on the air, he will be.

So people like La Greca can yell and scream, but for better or for worse, Francesa is still number one in New York.

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