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Mike Francesa has some parting words for Michael Kay (Audio)

Wednesday, Mike Francesa made sure he lets everyone know that The Michael Kay Show never even came close to being numbah one.

New York sports talk radio legend Mike Francesa is finishing up his final week at WFAN and we all knew that someone would call to ask him about his main rival, ESPN Radio’s Michael Kay. Francesa reacted in a way that only he could.

The caller asked if Kay had called in to thank Francesa for giving him a shot at being number one in the ratings. The Sports Pope literally laughed this off and said, “They never came close. Not even remotely close.” This is the perfect Francesa response. He just quickly reminds them that he’s still #NumbahOne and moves on to more important matters.

Thoughts and prayers for The Michael Kay Show right now. Kay, Peter Rosenberg, and to an extent, Don La Greca, love to talk about Francesa. He comes up in discussions on their show from time to time and they always have a lot to say about him. The funny thing is that whenever a WFAN caller tries to get Mike riled up he usually doesn’t have much to say about the show on his rival station.

It’s true that with Mike’s departure the guys at ESPN Radio actually have a realistic shot at becoming the number one sports radio show in town. But there’s no guarantee that they beat out the new afternoon drive team at WFAN. Loyal Francesa fans will likely be skeptical of Chris Carlin, Bart Scott, and Maggie Gray, but I think most listeners will opt to give them a chance before seeking out another station.

Regardless of what the future has in store for WFAN and ESPN Radio, Francesa is going to be leaving behind a huge void in New York sports talk radio. Little clips and soundbites like this are what make Francesa so entertaining. He’ll always be number one to me.

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