Jamal Adams
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

New York Jets safety Jamal Adams ran into New York Giants legend Michael Strahan in a traffic jam and they had an interesting encounter.

We’ve all been stuck in traffic. It sucks. Sitting there, trying to get somewhere, waiting for traffic to move. And unavoidably, somebody will do something stupid and cut you off to get going a little faster.

Even celebrities aren’t immune to this, as New York Giants legend Michael Strahan was cut off by somebody on the George Washington Bridge Friday morning. The funny part about that story is that the person cutting Strahan off was also famous.

It was New York Jets safety and budding superstar Jamal Adams. Adams tweeted about the encounter, while also offering an apology to the legend.

Imagine cutting somebody off only to come to find out that it was a 255 lb former NFL lineman who spent 15 years terrorizing quarterbacks? Yeah, you’d be apologizing too.

Strahan is one of the most recognizable figures in recent Giants history, and not just because of his post-playing career as a talk show host (currently he works on Good Morning America).

His 22.5 sacks in 2001 still stand as the most in a season, and he had 141.5 in his vaunted career. He’s easily the most accomplished Giants draft pick in recent memory (remember that Eli Manning was drafted by the Chargers before being traded to the Giants). He was one of a long line of dominant pass rushers on the team.

Adams is only starting the second year of what he hopes will be a career as long and impactful as Strahan’s was. He’s already good enough to make a defense legitimate by being on the field, but he has a long way to go until he hits Strahan’s level.

He had 63 tackles and 19 assisted tackles. He got two sacks, forced one fumble, and recovered two of them. He failed to record an interception, but he made a huge impact in the run defense and flashed skills in pass defense too.

However, he apparently needs to be a little more patient in traffic.

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