Jamal Adams Le'Veon Bell
ESNY Graphic, Getty Images

Le’Veon Bell makes it known he wouldn’t play for the New York Jets for even $60 million. Jamal Adams quickly responds full of pride and money. 

The New York Jets are expected to have roughly $80 Million in salary cap space to play with this offseason. General manager Mike Maccagnan has said that the team will be active in free agency while ESNY’s Paul Esden says that the team should bring Le’Veon Bell to the green and white.

However, Bell appears to have little interest in coming to East Rutherford. After a fan said suggested the team would pay $60 million for Bell to come to New York, he ruthlessly shot down playing for an organization that won five games last season for that amount of money.

Coming from the Steelers, who have made the playoffs each of the past four years, and have never finished lower than second in their division during Bell’s five-year career, to the Jets, who haven’t made the playoffs in seven years, would be a big change for a player who is used to winning.

The Jets do have some intriguing young talent, especially on defense. Jamal Adams was named to the All-Rookie team, Leonard Williams has developed into a stud lineman, and Marcus Maye looks to be a great partner for Adams in the secondary.

Immediately after while dripping with pride, Adams took offense to Bell and responded.

Adams is a proud competitive player who takes pride in his team. Who can forget him attempting to stop Cam Newton from doing his “Super Cam” celebration when the Jets played the Panthers?

It’s unlikely that the Jets wind up with Bell, both from a contractual and apparently, an interest standpoint. But if Le’Veon Bell signs with a team that the Jets play next season, you can be positive Jamal Adams won’t forget this slight and he won’t let his teammates forget it either.

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