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He’s back! Craig Carton makes his return, podcast style

Fans of Craig Carton have not heard his voice since he resigned from WFAN. Monday, he announced that he’s back.

Craig Carton is back. Monday, the disgraced former WFAN morning show host announced via Twitter that he’s got a new website—Hello, My Name Is Craig—and a podcast.


He has an eight-minute “Big Tease Trailer”, where he discusses what the new podcast will consist of. “I have the time to do it”, he said as he wanted to get back to talking to the fans, some special guests and have some laughs.

As the podcast continues, he discusses that he has had a lot of first’s in his career. His first time on WFAN which was great and his first time arrested, which was horrendous.

While listening to Craig talk during his introduction to the podcast world he sounded crazy as always, which is to say he sounded like his old self. This comes off as much when he explains what led him to do a podcast, how to record it and the theme of the podcast. Carton will do at least one podcast a week.

Celebrities, athletes, and entertainers are the kinds of people he wants to bring to the podcast. As he said the show will be totally unscripted as was the “Boomer and Carton Show” on WFAN.

Carton was arrested for allegedly being a part of a $5.6 million Ponzi scheme.

A podcast may not be what Carton does best, but he will probably be very good at it. While Carton may not be doing a live radio show, he will still be able to get his voice out there again to his fans.

Carton ended the teaser podcast by saying, “it’s good to be back.”

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