New York Giants QB Geno Smith Rips Craig Carton On Twitter
FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 31: Geno Smith #3 of the New York Giants throws to Shane Vereen #34 during a preseason game with the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on August 31, 2017 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

WFAN’s Craig Carton claims he’s innocent and that he’ll be back while New York Giants quarterback Geno Smith rips him on Twitter.

It’s safe to say that New York Giants quarterback Geno Smith isn’t a fan of WFAN host Craig Carton.

Carton was arrested last week for allegedly being involved in a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme where he gave people fake tickets. Carton, who has been suspended by WFAN, said on Tuesday that he’s innocent and that he’ll be back.

“As you can imagine, it’s been incredibly hard to be silent while there is an endless stream of vitriol being hurled my way, but I’m confident that when the facts come out, you’ll see that I am not guilty of these charges,” he said. “My fight has only just begun and I know when this strange episode is over, I’ll be back, stronger than ever.”

Smith responded by ripping the radio show host on Twitter.

“Same guy who was calling me a thug on some lame radio station was running a Ponzi scheme??” he tweeted. “Funny how life works, can’t believe these fools!”

He then added, “Throwing rocks and try to hide their hands…. The universe has an amazing sense of humor!”

Ouch. Carton has criticized Smith on his show before so it makes sense that the quarterback would comment on the radio host’s situation.The question is will and how will Carton respond? Looks like Smith won’t be listening to WFAN anytime soon.

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