New York Yankees: Mike Francesa Contradicts Himself, 'Always Thought' Miller & Chapman Would Be Dealt (Video)
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Mike Francesa thinks the New York Jets shouldn’t tank to draft a star quarterback until he suggested the polar opposite during the same show.

NFL draft guru and New York ‘Sports Pope’ Mike Francesa is at it again. The topic of the New York Jets looking to next year to draft USC’s Sam Darnold, one of the best quarterback prospects in next year’s draft, was on the table during Tuesday afternoon’s show.

A well thought out and straightforward response was sure to follow. Oh come on, of course it didn’t go down like that.

Mike decided to belittle a caller who suggested the Jets tank next season, pick up Darnold and head into 2018 with a top flight quarterback prospect. Mike didn’t think that was a great plan, probably because someone other than himself proposed it.

During the same show later that day, Francesa hosted Fox Sport’s Peter Schrager. Fittingly, he suggested the Jets should be “lousy” and take “the kid from USC.”

You have to wonder if he remembers the things he says during the course of the day. In a matter of hours, he completely altered his opinion after not only disagreeing, but putting down a caller who suggested the same thing Mike did to Schrager.

Maybe because the long time radio host feels accomplished enough not to care whether he’s wright or wrong. Maybe he’s looking forward to a reunion with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo. Whatever the case may be, at least we get decent entertainment value out of it.

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