WWE Smackdown Live Recap: Who won the 10-man battle royal?

How do you train for two brothers?

Next, Breezango was set to tango with the Smackdown tag team champions American Alpha. When the champs attempted to enter the ring, they were attacked by Breezango. They attempted to take advantage of the stunned Jason Jordan, but he was able to tag in his partner Chad Gable. Tyler Breeze was tossed out of the ring and Fandango was in trouble. In an ode to the Steiner Brothers, American Alpha executed a Steinerizer for the three count.

Once the match ended, the Uso’s made their presence known from the crowd. With an excellent promo, the Uso’s made it clear they are coming for the belts. This could be the biggest threat to American Alpha reign yet. Like they said, “How they gonna train for two brothers, Uce!?”

Fighting throughout the arena

In a Falls Count Anywhere Match to finish their feud, Nikki Bella and Natalya went for a stroll in the Citizens Business Bank Arena. While Nikki attempted to introduce a table into the match Natalya stopped her, but couldn’t stop getting hit a few times with a kendo stick. Then the fight took to the crowd where Natalya took control and started to dictate the pace of the match. That is until she attempted a super plex, which Nikki Bella was able to counter.

When the match returned to ringside, Natalya attempted to powerbomb Nikki Bella through the announce table. The Fearless one was able to fight her way out of it, and deliver an Alabama Slam onto the exposed announce table for a two count.

When the commercial break ended, the two took their fight backstage. While this featured Nikki Bella tossing Natalya head first through a glass mirror, it had something more meaningful. Natalya tossed Bella into Maryse, who later came out with a metal pipe and attacked Bella. After Maryse was restrained by The Miz, Natalya made the pin to pick up the win.

It appears the rumors of The Miz and Maryse vs John Cena and Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania 33 are starting to turn into truth.