Shooting Guard

Klay Thompson vs Denver Nuggets:

You attack the Denver guards and Klay and Steph are in the best matchup possible for their skill sets. Denver plays at a sloppy, fast pace and this will feed in the hands of the splash brothers. Klay and Steph will get a couple of steals each and should be able to grab some long rebounds on bad Denver shots. There is a chance that the Nuggets sit one of their big three offensive stars (KD, Curry or Klay) and if that’s the case, load up on the other two scorers.

Will Barton vs Golden State Warriors:  

With the injuries the Nuggets have had recently, Barton has been enjoying the extra playing time. Barton does more than just score as he fills up the stat sheet. If this game stays close, it will be because of Barton hitting his shots. Most daily players don’t play the opponents of the Warriors and on this night that will be a mistake. Play Barton with confidence.

Malcolm Brogdon vs Detroit Pistons:

Ever since Jabari Parker went down with injury, Brogdon has taken on a bigger role in the offense. He is seeing more minutes and is taking more shots. Detroit is coming off of playing the night before and they will have tired legs which leads to sloppy play. Brogdon doesn’t have the best matchup on paper but at his low salary and his recent play, he will be a good play tonight.