Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday are just two of the NBA studs to play in daily fantasy basketball for February 13, 2017.

On February 13, 2017, there is an 11-game NBA slate loaded with good matchups that we can take advantage of.

Point guard, especially, is loaded with great matchups. Besides the obvious plays like John Wall and Stephen Curry, I’ll give you some other plays. Shooting guard is usually the weakest position of the night and tomorrow is no difference. Small forward has some all-star caliber players, but they are not in the best matchups. Power forward only has a handful of good plays and we may have to pay up at the position on this slate. Along with point guard, center is loaded with good plays in almost every matchup.

Tonight, I will be loading up on point guards and centers and trying to find values at the other positions. I also promise I won’t mention playing John Wall (thanks to the fact I’ve mentioned him in all previous daily editions). (But, hey, play him tonight anyway.)

Check the injury report 10 or 15 minutes before lineup lock. There can be some news that drastically changes the whole slate.

We begin, as usual, with the point guard slot:

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