The New York Jets would be wise to evaluate all available options at the quarterback position in the 2017 offseason, including Alex Smith.

Anytime a quarterback could potentially become available, the New York Jets are going to be linked. But this time the Jets can fulfill the dangerous game of “what could’ve been”.

Let’s rewind back to the glory days of the San Francisco 49ers in the 21st century. Jim Harbaugh was still holding the reigns and he was the captain of one of the most talented crews in the NFL.

Although after he was dismissed, it fizzled out pretty quick with a combination of early retirements and questionable personnel moves. Although, it’s hard to question Harbaugh’s decision to go away from Alex Smith, who was in the midst of a career year before he suffered a concussion that kept him out temporarily.

Harbaugh opted for the younger more exciting Colin Kaepernick, who had a much higher ceiling. When Smith was healthy, Harbaugh still stuck with Kaepernick who ended up being a pass short of a Super Bowl title.

After the season, the 49ers put their former No. 1 overall pick on the block. The Jets had a chance to bite, but opted not too. The Kansas City Chiefs meanwhile jumped on the opportunity. Andy Reid and company gave up a few draft choices in exchange for Smith.

Smith’s resume is that he has a low ceiling, but a much higher floor than most quarterbacks. The reason he was traded away from the 49ers is the same reason he’s now back on the block for the Chiefs.

In 11 seasons, Smith has only thrown double-digit interceptions four times and that hasn’t happened since 2010. While five different starting quarterbacks for the Jets over the last 10 years have thrown double-digit interceptions every season.

The reason Smith is being brought up is because according to a new report from NFL Media Insider, Ian Rapoport, the Chiefs are interested in Tony Romo. Rapoport suggests that if the Chiefs were able to acquire Romo they’d release Smith. The roster move would cost the organization just $7 million in dead money, per Spotrac.

So while some teams would be hesitant to have Smith as their starting quarterback, the Jets shouldn’t be one of them. Smith as a starter with the Chiefs is 43-21, while the Jets are 27-37 in that same span.

So would having a quarterback who doesn’t throw the deep ball well be that bad of an acquisition? Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t exactly blow up the league as a starter with the Jets in regards to his long ball.

It just so happens that the Jets’ new offensive coordinator, John Morton, runs a West Coast Offense — which is the same offense that Smith excelled in Kansas City.

Smith may be the best option the Jets could hope to acquire this offseason. He already knows the offense, the Jets have a bevy of weapons at the receiver position and they’re equipped a talented core on defense to work with.

Alex Smith has his deficiencies, but he’s better than anything the Jets have had since Chad Pennington. If and when Smith becomes available, look for the Jets to be one of his top landing spots.


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