With new OC John Morton onboard, is a reunion with quarterback Colin Kaepernick next on tap with the New York Jets?

The prospect of adding Colin Kaepernick to the New York Jets walks that line where sports and politics collide.

For some Jets fans, they see the relationship that new offensive coordinator John Morton and Kaepernick may have from Morton’s days with the San Francisco 49ers and see a logical fit.

However, President Donald Trump has selected Jets’ owner Woody Johnson as Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Johnson was a financial and vocal supporter of Trump’s campaign during this year’s election season.

As you may recall, Colin Kaepernick visually protested his opinions of actions taking place in the United States by kneeling during the National Anthem prior to regular season games. On this basis alone, it would be hard to believe that the owner and face of the franchise would sign off on a Kaepernick signing by Mike Maccagnan.

As “headline-hungry” as Johnson has been in the past to get Gang Green on the back page of the city papers, it is more likely he would pass on this type of press.

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