Mike Francesa rips Atlanta Falcons for Super Bowl meltdown (Audio)

WFAN host Mike Francesa absolutely lambasted the Atlanta Falcons for their historic implosion during the Super Bowl.

Belichick is furious on the sideline, you know why, “because the game’s over!”

A Mike Francesa rant was well warranted after the Atlanta Falcons gifted the game away to the New England Patriots. WFAN’s ‘numbah one’ was incensed during his first show after the Super Bowl. Mike has gone one some fairly absurd rants over the years, but this one was seen coming all the way from the nearest Diet Coke distillery.

If I’m a neutral football fan, I have to be irate that the game ended in the fashion that it did. The upstart and likable Falcons simply giving away the Super Bowl to the NFL’s most evil empire is abominable. That game should have been over after Julio Jones’s acrobatic catch near the sideline deep in New England territory. It was a meltdown for every bit as much as it was a comeback.

Mike’s frustration is understandable. The Falcons were a chip shot field goal away from sealing the deal. Then, the lunacy took over inside Kyle Shanahan’s play-calling and the rest is history.

Just imagine what Mike would have sounded like had the Jets pulled a similar stunt.

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  1. There is no excuse for such stupidity and maybe this is why teams should not be allowed to talk to cooridinators until the season is completely finished, because who know what affect it had on Kyles decision making even if for one second in this game know he’s going somewhere else next year as a head coach. You would think coaches learn from other coaches past mistakes