2017 Fantasy Baseball Second Basemen Power Rankings 2.0

Brian Dozier, Minnesota Twins

Talk about a player who smashed his previous career highs and stormed onto the fantasy radar…

Dozier hit 42 homers (14 more than his previous career-high), 99 RBI’s (77 more than his previous career-high) and batted .268 (.24 points higher than his career-high).

What do you do with a guy who smashes his career high in almost every category and will turn 30 this season? Proceed with caution.

2016 will be his career year. It was his one outlier year that most big leaguers have, but Dozier has always been an elite source of runs scored (scored 100+ runs in three straight years) and he will get you double digit steals every year.

He is going to regress, but how much? My projection would be 100 runs, 30 HRs, 75 RBIs and 15 SBs. Those are very solid numbers and if you’re drafting him while expecting him repeat his output last season, you would be very disappointed.

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