2017 Fantasy Baseball Second Basemen Power Rankings 2.0

Ian Kinsler, Detroit Tigers

The 2016 AL gold glover is getting up there in age (33), but he has been one of the most consistent second basemen over the last five to seven years.

Kinsler isn’t a threat to steal 20 to 30 bases anymore, but popped 28 home runs last season — the second-highest of his career.

Encouraging, but you shouldn’t expect a repeat. He will, however, give you a good solid average (he hasn’t hit below .275 since 2012) and he is as good as a bet to score 100 runs next year.

He is a better play in head-to-head or rotisserie leagues than in points leagues because of his low walks and high strikeout numbers. If you decide to boot second base in your draft (I wouldn’t advise doing that) then you can grab Kinsler late and be pretty happy with his production.

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