Sheldon Richardson

Although Richardson has a tremendous amount of skill and potential, enough has been enough. After apologizing to the New York Jets and their fans following an offseason arrest, Richardson has been all over the headlines in New York.

The problem is it’s for all the wrong reasons. From calling out his teammates, to producing Snapchats in the locker room instead of prepping for a game, Richardson has done nothing to make good on his promise of staying out of trouble going forward. He is also going to command a big contract after the 2017 season, something the Jets will be unable to provide him.

Trading away Sheldon Richardson appears to be the plan of action. The New York Jets already tried to trade Richardson before the trade deadline this season, but the first-round price tag they put on him was too steep for the Dallas Cowboys. Trading Richardson for a third round pick, or even in a package for Tony Romo may be an avenue the New York Jets decide to explore this offseason.

Prediction: Traded

It may not be a Cowboys uniform that Richardson rocks next season, but it won’t be a Jets uniform. Richardson’s off-field actions are affecting his on-field play, as his numbers have dropped off the table in 2016. The New York Jets organization would be wise to get what they can for him while he still has value.

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