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Mike Francesa attempts to pronounce the word ‘guru’ (Audio)


WFAN host Mike Francesa has a Long Island accent. To say it only slightly affects his pronunciation of words would be polite.

If you needed to listen to the above clip several times to make sense of what WFAN host Mike Francesa is saying, fear not. The aforementioned “guh-rou” is his apparent take on a ‘guru.’

Mike is Long Island born and raised, and could probably care less of what you think of his accent. However, his take on the guh-rou’s of the NFL is certainly, ahem, peculiar.

Before you know it, we’re going to have our own Mike Francesa dictionary. Guru can join other infamous words like “bonanzer” and “goriller.

If you listen to the clip a few more times, it almost seems like the word “gurus” can be heard as “girls.” Mike is truly one of a kind, and however he chooses to go about pronouncing his words, results in a win for the internet to say the least.

H/T @RNs_Funhouse

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