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Mike Francesa: Tim Tebow Is The ‘Kim Kardahsian’ Of Sports


WFAN host Mike Francesa compared the newest New York Met, Tim Tebow, to the infamous Kim Kardahsian. Of all people, that’s who he picked.

Mike Francesa and Tim Tebow were a match made in heaven. Well, not really. However, there wasn’t a chance that Tebow wasn’t going to be brought up on the mid-day show. Even though Mike claimed “nobody cares” and noted that his audience hasn’t brought it up either, Tebow’s name made the show.

Francesa’s comparison to Kim Kardashian is a little harsh. He noted that Tebow doesn’t do anything and he’s famous for being, well, famous. To an extent you can see his point. However, Tebow is much accomplished. He’s won a Heisman Trophy, two national titles, and became a first round draft pick. He’s a humble, God fearing guy, who people flock to. He doesn’t ask for attention, but receives it nonetheless.

Yes, the Tebow signing deserves criticism. It’s hard to justify signing a 27 year old who hasn’t played competitive ball since high school. However, he’s not a bad guy.

Can someone tell me exactly what Kim Kardashian has accomplished other than being viewed as attractive to many people?

The Mets never cease to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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