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Greg Jennings Retires; Relive The Madden Legend’s Best Moment

***NSFW Language in following video:

Greg Jennings retired from the NFL today. However, he might be best remembered for his performance in a Madden video game.

Team on his back doe.

Greg Jennings won a Super Bowl with Green Bay and spent time with the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings. However, many people learned who he was through a popular YouTube video back in 2010.

Why? Because he does this for Madden. With a broken leg. On the last play of the game.

But wait, how is he running with a broken leg?! In a blowout game, he still put the team on his back though.

Darren Sharper, one of the most hardest hitting safeties in the league (or in prison) was no match for Jennings and his compromised fibula.

Jennings enjoyed ten seasons in the NFL, netting over 8,000 receiving yards, 64 touchdowns, and made two Pro Bowl teams.

Of the 64 touchdowns he scored on the gridiron, none will be more memorable than on the virtual turf of Madden.

Do it for Madden.

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