Joey Chestnut regains the best while setting a new world record by eating 70 hot dogs at the 2016 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Brilliant, beautiful and graceful? Or is it just truly awful, disgusting and unreal?

Many of us have watched the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest for many years, and we still don’t know how to feel.

Nevertheless, Joey Chestnut is legend.

Chestnut, who set the previous world record at this very same event in 2013 by downing 69 hot dogs, ate an incredible 70 hot dogs this time around. This obviously set a new world record while giving him the 2016 crown.

Chestnut edged out Matt Stonie who could only manage a mere 52. For those who remember, Stonie upset the hot dog king last summer at Coney Island.

2016 though, just feels right again. Joey Chestnut is back on top of the hot dog eating world.

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