If Bill Simmons didn’t know enough about WFAN’s Mike Francesa prior to Monday, he surely does now thanks to 5.5 hours during the afternoon drive.

Well, if you’re a hardened listener to the Sports Pope of New York City, you know what happened this week.

Bill Simmons, former ESPN personality who was banned from appearing on WFAN, joined Mike Francesa for the entirety of Monday’s 5.5 hour afternoon drive show.

This, of course, was interesting. It was also fun to see to of the biggest personalities sit down and chat sports.

Well, the term “chat sports” is written very loosely in this case.

One of Mongo Nation’s very own, @RNs_Funhouse, who’s known for his many Francesa audio cut-ups, put together this beauty that displays just how much Francesa spoke about himself with Simmons in studio.

After listening to this, you’ll understand that the average person can no longer say the term “name-dropping” and actually have its meaning hold true. Francesa just destroyed “name-dropping.”

H/T YouTube, RNs_Funhouse

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