‘Madden NFL 17’ Will Feature Rob Gronkowski On The Cover (Photo)

It’s official: New England Patriots superstar tight-end Rob Gronkowski will grace the cover of EA Sports’ ‘Madden NFL 17’ this season.

What is this, Rob Gronkowski day?

First, the New England Patriots superstar tight end has those “questionable” GQ photos released, and now he’s officially the cover boy for EA Sports’ Madden NFL 17.

What’s next? Will the Gronk officially enter the presidential race as an Independent? Hey, don’t put it past him. After all, Hilary and The Donald aren’t the most loved candidates.

But I digress.

This is the first such occasion Gronkowski will appear on the famed video game. As far as the Madden Curse is concerned, most believe New York Giants wide-out Odell Beckham Jr. debunked that myth with his electrifying performance a season ago.

Those results by OBJ are much to the dismay of New York Jets fans.

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