Mike Francesa Attempting To Pronounce Quincy ‘Enunwa’ Will Make Your Day (Audio)

Listening to WFAN’s Mike Francesa attempt to pronounce the name of Quincy ‘Enunwa’ will make your day in more ways than one.

Only a classic mispronouncing by WFAN’s Mike Francesa can brighten your day up to this level.

Honestly, what else could do the trick?

Check out the audio above from our good friend @RNs_Funhouse on Twitter. Mike attempts to pronounce “Enunwa.” The Enunwa of the one and only tight-end/wide receiver hybrid Quincy Enunwa from the New York Jets, of course (audio above).

To try to even type out or write down the sounds that came out of Francesa’s mouth during this attempt would prove other worldly.

It just doesn’t make sense to even try.

Your day just got better, right? Of course it did. Carry on.

H/T KFC Barstool, @RN’s_Funhouse

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