Dear Jet Nation, forever in me heart.

Posted by Damon Harrison on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Former New York Jets defensive lineman, Damon Harrison, who recently signed with the Giants, provided one final farewell to fans.

Leave it to a guy nicknamed “Snacks” to provide such a heartfelt message that touches the fanbase of his former squad.

Former New York Jets nose tackle Damon Harrison, who recently signed on with the New York Giants, provided a much emotional farewell video to the fanbase who roots for green in the Metropolitan area (video above).

Instead of simply tweeting something out, as most do, Harrison took to Facebook for a little more than two minutes thanking so many he built relationships with at Florham Park, New Jersey.

H/T Facebook

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  1. I totally respect you Damon. I will follow and route for you even with the Giants…LOL Remember the Jets have let many of our best players leave and many have gone on to win Super Bowl rings. You are one of the best. Best Wishes on your future success!!! Will miss seeing you on the field in Green!!