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4. Brandon Marshall, WR-NYJ

Brandon Marshall is trying to use New York to prove he is not the quarterback killer so many media members portray him out to be. He went so far as to move in with expected number one quarterback Geno Smith to help build a good rapport.

That didn’t work out as expected when Smith had his jaw broken by a teammate and will be out for the start of the 2014 season. I may have left Marshall off this list if Smith was starting as Smith would have been locking in on Marshall all day.

Now that Ryan Fitzpatrick is under center I don’t see Marshall having a great season. Fitzpatrick is not known for his tremendous arm strength and he tends to check down to the safe play. Marshall will put up some touchdowns, but the yardage will not be there in the end.

If you draft Marshall early you may have to wait until his BFF Smith gets back under center to see any sort of solid production.

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