Football players come in with high expectations only to burst a fantasy football owners dream. Here are the Top 10 Fantasy busts to avoid.

By Steven Cifuentes

The first thing every fantasy football owner does prior to any fantasy draft is make sure to print out their favorite top 300 list.

By about the 5th round they are a couple beers in and that top 300 list is the only thing that stops them from asking did Jamaal Charles get drafted yet.

At the top of that Top 300 list is all of the potential fantasy football studs that preform as expected, but it also contains the land mines that will kill your season in the fantasy football bust.

In 2014, fantasy owners that drafted Adrian Peterson felt the wrath of the bust. While no owner could ever predict why he would be suspended the entire season, he is the poster child for a fantasy football bust

A bust is a player taken at the top half of the draft who produces like he should have been dubbed the Mr. Irrelevant of your draft. You take him expecting major fantasy points, only to be disappointed when he is on the waiver wire by week 10.

From not producing at the level you expected, to a season ending injury or suspension, there are plenty of reasons a top player can be labeled a bust.

Here is Elite Sports NY’s prediction of who will bust up your draft and lead you to a middle of the road or last place finish. Avoid these players, or at least temper your expectations, you won’t regret it.

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