5. Emmanuel Sanders, WR-DEN

Reports are coming out of Denver that quaterback Peyton Manning still doesn’t have any feelings in his fingertips, post multiple neck surgeries. That is never a good sign considering how bad Manning ended the 2014 season.

Emmanuel Sanders broke out in a big way last season, but hidden in those gaudy stats he put up was how the drop off of Manning at the end of the season directly affected Sanders.

In the last five weeks of the 2014 season Sanders never cracked 75 yards and he only scored one touchdown during that entire span. That is not exactly the production you want from a number one receiver during fantasy playoff time.

Add into the mix that reports are coming out that the Denver Broncos plan to run the ball more, to take pressure off Manning, and you are looking at a slip in production for Sanders.

If you have to reach early to take Sanders and he ends up your number one receiver, your season could end up being a lot worse then you expected.

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