7. Melvin Gordon, RB-SD

The hype surrounding Melvin Gordon is tremendous. He is being pegged as a running back two, borderline running back one and he hasn’t even taken a regular season snap.

An owner placing that much stock in a rookie running back is a recipe for fantasy football disaster. Rookie’s take time to adjust and need time to get used to the NFL grind. Gordon has already missed a pre-season game with an injured ankle. Not exactly an encouraging sign.

Add his inexperience to competing in a crowded backfield and you have a potential bust waiting to happen.

The San Diego Chargers stable of running backs includes former Indianapolis Colt Donald Brown, solid third down running back Danny Woodhead and small, but shifty, Branden Oliver. It does not get any deeper then that backfield for a rookie to break into.

Quarterback Philip Rivers is known as one of the most competitive players in the NFL. He will not let rookie mistakes pile up when there are serviceable running backs waiting in the wings.

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