8. Jeremy Maclin, WR-KC

Jeremy Maclin has been living the dream as a Philadelphia Eagles goto wide receiver. Beside his missed 2013 season, due to injury, Maclin has seen an average of 114 targets a season.

The 2014 season was the perfect storm for Maclin to prove he was fully recovered from his knee injury. Any offensive player in a Chip Kelly offense will see an boost in production. Coming off a 1,300 yard and 10 touchdown season you can see why Maclin is a highly coveted wide receiver on draft day.

The bad news is Maclin is no longer the number one target for the Eagles. He is now with the Kansas City Chiefs the complete opposite of the situation he was in with the Eagles.

Maclin is now having balls thrown to him by Alex Smith in as conservative an offense as you will experience. Running Back Jamaal Charles and tight end Travis Kelce are the top options in this offense and that wont change with Maclin in the mix.

While he should still put up decent numbers, expect a shard drop from his run and gun Eagles days.

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