2. DeMarco Murray, RB-PHI

DeMarco Murray had his first injury free season in 2014 and man did it equal a career high season. The problem with his break out is the Dallas Cowboys knew he was a pending free agent and ran him into the ground.

Not many running backs come off 392 carry seasons and remain injury free the next season. Every fantasy owner sees him going to a Chip Kelly offense and are ready to ask Murray to carry them to a fantasy football championship.

While Murray may come out of the gates strong he is bound to break down during the 2015 season. The investment of a first round pick and passing up on the likes of a younger running back like Jeremy Hill will cost an owner in the end.

Murray may defy the odds of lasting the entire 2015 season, but don’t be that owner that takes that chance he makes it through injury free. The likely hood is slim and you will be searching for a replacement for your top pick by week 8.

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