7. Blake Bortles, QB-Jacksonville Jaguars

I am sure a lot of readers are looking at this slide and are thinking I may have lost my mind.  I do not expect Blake Bortles to lead your team to the promised land, but he has the potential to be utilized in two quarterbacks leagues and as a bye week replacement.

By the end of the season you may just be able to confidently plug Bortles in your lineup, if your quarterback is facing a top defense.

Considering where he ended up last season that is a tremendous leap for Bortles in the fantasy world.

In 14 games last season he threw for 11 touchdowns and 17 interceptions, so any owner that was relying on him to win a week was likely disappointed.

The Jacksonville Jaguars added a red zone machine in tight end Julius Thomas which can only help a young quarterback grow. Thomas is the ultimate check down receiver every quarterback covets.

In those big time keeper leagues taking a late flyer on Bortles may not only help you in 2015, but you could be looking at a 2016 fantasy starting quarterback.