Fantasy Football Championships can be won when a late round sleeper exceeds his draft spot.  Here are 10 to put on the radar this season. 

By Steven Cifuentes

Every draft room has that guy who thinks he knows it all. While others are drafting top end talent this owner is waiting to pounce on this year’s deep sleepers.

For example, it could be just Round 5 with talent still on the board and he will take the third string rookie running back for the Green Bay Packers and claim the entire backfield is going down this year. From that point on, after each sleeper pick, he will make sure we all know he is taking the brunt of criticism this year.

The only positive of having that guy in the draft is we all know who’s coming in last and supplying the pizza for next years draft.

While it’s easy to draft on autopilot by printing out a Top 200 list at the start of a draft, things can get interesting from Round 10 and beyond.

One scenario from last year’s draft came from my decision in Round 10. I had a choice to take one of my handcuff running backs or New York Giants eventual phenom Odell Beckham Jr.

Let’s just say I went with the handcuff and cried in the first round of the playoffs. ODB broke out to help a lot of owners who took a chance on him, thus putting loads of money in pockets.

While sleepers are a crap shoot sometimes, it is better to take a late chance on a sleeper that will exceed his draft position, then an aging veteran that will be waived by Week 4.

Lets take a look at this years Top 10 Fantasy Football Sleepers:

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