10. Eric Ebron, TE-Detroit Lions

Eric Ebron came out of North Carolina University in 2014 as a first round draft pick with high expectations. He struggled to adjust to the NFL game and never made an impact in the explosive Detroit Lions offense.

Year two is going to be a different story as Ebron appears ready to take on the third option role for the Lions. While Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate take up the attention of all the top defensive players, Ebron will slide under the radar and make defenses pay for ignoring him.

Ebron is built out of the Rob Gronkowski mold as a 6’5″ 250 pound tight end with soft hands. While other owners use a high pick on the top tight ends, you may be able to take grab a top end wide receiver and wait on a player like Ebron.

Expect him to break out this season and crack the production levels of the top ten tight ends in football.