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U.S. Championship Match

(U.S. Champ) John Cena vs. (Challenger) Kevin Owens

These matches have been phenomenal. Whether you love him or hate him, the WWE had high hopes for the U.S. Title when John Cena won it at Wrestlemania this year. All he did was compete against various competitors, week in and week out, all the while, earning the moniker “Big Match John.” Cena did everything he was asked of and elevated the status of that title to where it was in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

This is the rubber match between these studs and all signs point to a title change for Owens. But the feud that has been brewing for months has some new blood being added. Cesaro has been deserving of a major push for a long time coming. We will be treated to yet another match of the year candidate, but it will not end in a decisive victory for either player. All this does is set up a triple threat title match for Summerslam, where John Cena will most certainly be in hostile territory. The title change should happen then, but Cesaro will screw over Owens the same way Owens screwed over Cesaro.


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