Here’s your preview and predictions to WWE Battleground on Sunday night.

By Kevin Flynn

Sunday Night, WWE’s Battleground pay per view event is taking place in Saint Louis, Missouri. Although the lineup is missing some key players for this event, I’m guessing there’s going to be some big time surprises at this event.

And when I say surprises, I mean ones that the internet has already spilled. (It’s not even fun to be a fan anymore unless you don’t own a twitter account!) This event has six matches. Give the kickoff match 10 minutes. The tag title match 15, and the other 4 matches 20-30 minutes, the math means something big is going to happen. Especially considering that the next major Pay-Per-View event is Summerslam.

Summerslam is happening on August 23 and it is taking place right here in New York. Brooklyn’s very own Barclay’s Center will host and NY is the capital of cool things happening in the WWE.

Before I get into match predictions, let me dissect what could potentially happen.

No Women

Let’s start with the fact that there’s no women on this card.

The Bella twins are running amok and they are creating their own Team Bella faction ever since Paige tried to rally the Divas to be in her corner.

Alicia Fox is the first Diva to join Team Bella. This whole program is screaming for the debut of some of the rising stars from NXT to join Team Paige. Charlotte, Sasha Banks and possibly Becky Lynch could invade the main roster and breathe some new life into a stale Divas division.

Ryback Injured

Intercontinental Champion Ryback is hurt. He has been working a strange three way feud with The Miz and the Big Show. Neither wrestler is booked on the card nor is there a match against each other (which would make all the sense in the world).

It could determine a number one contender and maybe even give The Miz a new lackey to help him earn a victory over the Big Show. Maybe they could put in a Miz Tv spot? Hey, Remember Damien Mizdow?

That gimmick was great.

Sting, Undertaker?

Have you heard yet? Sting is in St. Louis! Guess who else? Yep! The Undertaker!

For years, the rumors and internet buzz has been trying to make a dream match happen at Wrestlemania.

WCW’s Last Remaining Icon: Sting vs. WWE’s Phenom: The Undertaker.

It looks like tomorrow night is the beginning of that match happening.

Maybe they face each other at Summerslam. Maybe Survivor Series, or maybe Royal Rumble, maybe all four. But the reports have come out that both superstars are in St. Louis and the buzz has grown to the point that everyone is thinking that it’s going to finally happen at Battleground!!

So don’t be surprised if they swerve us all and save it for Raw on Monday night.

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