WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Dean Ambrose vs. WWE Champion Seth Rollins

I smell an upset. No one on the planet is as popular as Dean Ambrose right now. He is a mix of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s raging against the powers that be and the insanity of Mick Foley with some crazy bumps and moves here. There is no Roman Reigns on the card, and the WWE desperately wants t make him be loved by the fans.

What better way than to help his brother from the Shield win the World Title. It will prove his worth and make the fans happy. The marks booed when they were forced to watch him win the Royal Rumble, which forced WWE to change the direction of the main event from WrestleMania.

Now if the writers give the fans what they want, all will be right with the world. They can have the golden boy, Seth Rollins win it back tomorrow night on RAW.

WINNER: New Champion, Dean Ambrose

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