Elite Sports NY’s resident professional wrestling expert, Kevin Flynn, gives us a sneak peak at Sunday night’s WWE Elimination Chamber.

By Kevin Flynn

Sunday Night has lined up nicely for World Wrestling Entertainment, as both the NBA Finals and NHL Stanley Cup Finals will be set and will not be a competition for their upcoming Pay per View event.

The Elimination Chamber will take place in Corpus Christi, Texas on May 31st and will feature six matches, including two matches in the Elimination Chamber itself.

Normally, the hellish looking structure is reserved for the World Title, but as the WWE looks to its future stars, the two matches will put the Tag Team Titles on the line and the Intercontinental Championship in the other match. The Elimination Chamber contest has six opponents in which two start off against each other and the other four combatants are locked in a pod until their timer goes off. One extra combatant joins every few minutes until all the players have entered.

Now let’s take a look at each of the six matches and tell you who we think is going to win:

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