Intercontinental Championship Match

Dolph Ziggler vs. King Barrett vs. Ryback vs. Sheamus vs. R-Truth vs Rusev?

Daniel Bryan suffered another bad neck injury and had to relinquish his Intercontinental Championship title, putting an end to his reign. So there will be a new champion coming out of this match.

Reports are coming from everywhere that Rusev is injured and will be out indefinitely.

Enter Bray Wyatt. Wyatt has been feuding with Ryback for the past few weeks and will somehow eliminate the big guy in this match. Sheamus might be out for a bit as he just landed the role of Bebop in the upcoming movie, TMNT2.

King Barrett’s intercontinental reign ended at Wrestlemania when he lost a 6 man ladder match to Daniel Bryan. He just won King of the Ring tournament, so I can’t see it being him as the new champion. Dolph just aligned with Lana, and Lana is extremely over. So my thoughts are most certainly with Dolph Ziggler winning this match, but I have to be a little controversial here.

I’m rooting for R-Truth. THIS GUY IS THE MOST ENTERTAINING OF THE SIX PARTICIPANTS!! Truth was the driving force behind the Wrestlemania Ladder match when he kept stealing the title. Time to reward the guy with a good title run!!


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